Adding A Pool To Your Property And Want New Exterior Lighting Fixtures? What To Ask The Electrician About

23 January 2019
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If you are installing a pool and you want to have some exterior lighting added to the property, and some lighting added to the pool, you want to find a residential electrician in the area. The residential electrician will look at the exterior outlets that you already have to see how it will be easiest to do the wiring and add the light fixtures. Here are some of the things to talk with the electrician about to ensure that you get the new light features you need without hazards or complications.

Highest Quality Exterior Wiring

The thicker the plastic coating and covering on the wires, the more the wiring will cost. Spend the money to get the best high-quality exterior wiring options for the components that will have to go outside the home. This may cost more when the electrician makes the changes on the quote, but it's worth the investment to know that your wires are protected from the weathering elements and pests that could do damage.

Solar Powered and Motion Detection Options

To cut down on energy costs and to give you lighting when it's needed, look into solar-powered options for the outside. You can have the lighting hooked up so that it will run off solar power or so it charges through the day and then uses the electrical sources when the solar energy runs out.

You also may want motion detection lights that turn on when they are triggered. You can set the lights up to the distance you want, so the lights can be triggered if someone is close or even if someone is 30 feet away from the light. This is a great security feature to have, especially with a pool.

Second Breaker Box

If you are adding all of these additional lighting features and then you are also adding a pool or mechanical filtration system for the pool, you may want to have a second breaker box put in. If the original breaker box can't support all of the new electrical additions without blowing fuses, get this set up right away.

The residential electrician will come to your home and help you determine where it will be easiest to add some exterior lighting to the property and how to add lighting to the pool. Have the electrician talk with the pool contractor so you can get everyone on the same page before the project begins. For more information, contact local electrical contractors