Is Central Air Conditioning The Best Choice For Your Home?

3 January 2018
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It's possible that for as long as you have owned your home, you have relied on fans and maybe window air conditioners to keep you cool in the hot summer. You might be considering installing a central air conditioning system into your home and wonder if it's really the best choice. There are a few choices you have each with their own pros and cons.

Window Units

Window units are great air conditioners if you have an apartment, small condo with no central air conditioning or other small areas you need to cool but don't have a larger area to cover. They are typically inexpensive and you can buy them at most department stores or hardware stores. You don't need any specialized training to install them and it usually only takes a few minutes to get them in whatever window in your room of choice.

If you have a larger home, however, they will only cool the room or immediate area in which they are installed. This means you would need to buy more than one unit for a multi-storey home or even a large bungalow. They do tend to not last as long as central air conditioning too, meaning, you either will need to have them repaired or replaced more often.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners can be very convenient if you don't want to cool your entire home at once. They install in a similar manner to a window unit, except it's only the exhaust pipe that is attached to your window to vent out the hot air. Most portable air conditioners do not create water runoff as with window units, so there is no extra tube to vent out any condensation.

Portable units tend to cool only the immediate area in which they are installed in much the same way as a window unit, so your whole house won't be cooled by one air conditioner. You can uninstall the unit from one room to move to wherever you wish to place it, but this can take time and energy. They are also a bit more expensive than window units.

Central Air Conditioner

Central Air conditioners are usually your best choice when it comes to homes that are multi-storey or larger in stature. They also provide a filtered air system that window units or portables do not. This means while it is blowing cool air into your home, it is also filtering out dust and molecules making it cleaner to breathe. You can also program a central air conditioning unit unlike a window one and either raise or lower your temperature depending on the heat level and your preference. While some portable units allow you to program them as well, the majority don't and you have limited temperature settings.

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