Considering Track Lighting For Your Home? Know The Advantages And Disadvantages

19 July 2016
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Track lighting can be a very creative way to add light to a room of your house, with the ability to point light in very specific directions. This alternate form of lighting does have its own pros and cons when compared to other traditional lighting fixtures. Here are some things to consider before you add track lighting to your home.

Advantages of Track Lighting

Installing track lighting is very easy, and most homeowners can do it on their own even if they have a basic knowledge about how electrical writing works. If you do need to hire an electrician, the costs can range between $50-$100 per each hour that it takes to get the job done.

When you are looking to put focus on a specific part of a room, track lighting works great. For example, a kitchen can use track lighting to focus light onto a prep area, or a living room could use track lighting to illuminate a piece of artwork on the wall.

With track lighting, it is also easy to change the position of individual lights as you see fit. If you're ever not satisfied with the amount of light in the area of a room, just change the placement and angle of the light. This is ideal for older homes that may not have electrical outlets in ideal places for lamps

The style of track lighting really lends itself to homes that have modern décor, since the lighting style tends to have straight lines for the track.

Disadvantages of Track Lighting

The aesthetics of track lighting could be a valid reason that you do not want it in your home. It tends to make a ceiling look cluttered, with lights not in a symmetrical pattern that helps add to the design of the room. If have a ceiling fan to the room, then the ceiling can look like an unbalanced mess of electrical fixtures.

You also do not have control of individual lights at the outlet. While you can always manually remove lights from the track or unscrew light bulbs, it is a bit inconvenient when you want to do it on a whim.

Track lighting is also not ideal in a small room, like a bathroom, as a primary light source. Not only will it take up a lot of room with the small ceiling space, but the light is very directional and may light up the small room unevenly.

If you feel like track lighting is the right fit for your home, and you don't know how to do it on your own, contact a local electrician.

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