Lighting Tips For Your Home Office

12 July 2016
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If your home office doesn't have the right amount of light, it could affect your productivity. You need to combine natural and artificial lighting to create an atmosphere that makes you feel energetic. This way, you're automatically encouraged to get as much work as possible done each day. So, check out these tips to make sure your home office is perfectly lit.

Natural Light

Staring at a computer for long periods of time can make you feel tired and spacey. You need to offset these feelings by maximizing the amount of natural light in your home office. The fact is, natural daylight affects both your mood and productivity. So, if possible, you should let a lot of natural light into the room. If there aren't any distractions outside your home office window, consider situating your desk so that it faces it — facing the natural light will help keep your brain focused. If the light that shines in your window in the afternoon becomes overbearing or makes the room hot, you can install window shades, blinds, or curtains so that you can control the amount of light entering the room at any given time.

Install an Overhead Light Fixture

Overhead lights can be annoying when they are placed in rooms that you typically go into to relax. However, they are essential in a home office. An overhead light helps fill the areas that lamps can't reach with light, which is extremely helpful when you're working at night. So, you should consider hiring an electrician to install an overhead light fixture in your home office. You should also consider installing an overhead light with a ceiling fan so that you can keep the air in your home office circulating.


Layering the room's lighting allow you to adjust the atmosphere as needed. For example, a desk lamp will give you enough light to work by in the early evening before it's completely dark outside or in the early morning when you're trying to work without disturbing your family. You should also consider creating a seating area in your office — even if it's just a chair and a lamp. This gives you a place to relax and read when you're taking a break from work.

The fact is, the amount of light in your office directly affects your productivity because it affects your mood. You can't maximize your productivity in a room that makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. You need enough light in the room to make you feel productive, creative, and energetic. Talk to a lighting installation expert to learn more.