3 Clever Ways To Cover Up Your Fuse Box

6 July 2016
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Although fuse boxes provide easy access for the fuses that play an important role in your home's electrical system, these boxes can often be unsightly. If you are worried about how the appearance of a newly-installed fuse box is affecting your home's decor, here are three clever ideas you can use to cover it up in the future.

1. Add a mural to the wall where your fuse box is located.

Rather than trying to divert attention away from the fuse box your electrician has just installed, help it become part of an important decorative feature by adding a mural to the wall your fuse box sits on. Painting a scene that will help camouflage your fuse box can be a great way to add interest to your living space while minimizing the appearance of your fuse box at the same time.

If your artistic skills aren't as finely tuned as you think they need to be to free-hand an image, you can always invest in a tatouage image (designs that can be transferred directly to your wall using a dry rub technique). 

2. Cover your fuse box with a canvas portrait.

Portraits that are printed on canvas provide the perfect cover for any unsightly fuse box. Since the canvas is mounted on a frame, the photo will provide the extra space your fuse box needs if its door doesn't rest flat against the wall.

When you or your electrician need to access the newly-installed fuse box, all you have to do is take down the canvas photograph and you will be able to attend to your home's electrical needs.

3. Place a chalkboard over the top of your fuse box.

It is likely that your electrician will install your new fuse box in the kitchen, since there are many appliances that need access to power in this room. You can easily cover up the unsightly fuse box cover in your kitchen by creating a functional message center. Chalkboards make stylish (but useful) additions on which you can write important dates, shopping lists, and messages to family members.

Hanging a chalkboard over your new fuse box is simple. Instead of mounting the chalkboard like you would a photograph, invest in a couple of small hinges from your local hardware store. Use the hinges to attach your chalkboard to the wall, allowing it to swing open for easy access to your fuse box.

Finding ways to make your newly-installed fuse box less of an eyesore doesn't have to be difficult. Try painting a mural over the fuse box, covering it with a canvas photograph, or installing a swinging chalkboard over the top of it to prevent your fuse box from disrupting your home's design.

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