Three Ways An Electrician Can Improve Your Backyard This Summer

4 July 2016
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With summer here, chances are you are spending much more time playing and entertaining in your backyard. Why not invest some time and money into making your backyard even more enjoyable for the season? The following are a few ways an electrician can help you improve your space.

Idea #1: Install a fan

Comfort is king, and a cool breeze and a bit of air movement can go a long way toward making you more comfortable on your patio on a hot summer day. Consider having a ceiling fan installed on your patio overhang. Overhangs must have a sturdy framework to support the weight of the fan and motor box, but beyond that, all the electrician needs to do is wire the fan into the nearest electricity source. You can go with a simple fan, or you can opt for a faux palm leaf design to bring to mind the tropics in your own yard.

You aren't limited to covered patios, either. If you have a shade pergola, an electrician can install a fan there as well. They will use a weatherproof housing to protect the motors and electrical wiring.

Idea #2: Add some water

A water feature adds a focal point to the yard. The sound of running water is also relaxing. You can purchase preformed fountains and container features. Once you do this, it's easy to have an electrician wire them into the house. You can even have them hooked to a switch so you can easily turn them off and on.

Already have a water feature? Why not have the electrician add some landscape water lights to it so it's as beautiful at night as it is during the day. Or, perhaps it is time to add on to a simple pond by having a fountain or waterfall installed. An electrician can handle wiring in the pump and setting it up for you.

Idea #3: Accent with light

Solar lights are easy to install, but they don't always shine as brightly or as long as you would like. Consider installing hardwired lighting instead. There are even varieties available that use a combination of solar and house electricity.

Don't limit yourself to just garden lights, either. You can install recessed lighting under the eaves of your home for dramatic downlighting, or perhaps add lighted post caps to your fence. Or, perhaps you want a small spotlight highlighting a favorite garden statue or architectural feature.

Contact a residential electrician in your area to discuss the available electrical services and get started on your next backyard project.