Office Owners: 3 Benefits Of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Employees

30 June 2016
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As the world of electric cars expands in the United States, so does the need for charging stations. Charging stations allow cars to plug in and store power throughout the day. If you're a business owner, these charging stations can not only entice potential customers or business partners, but there are many benefits directly related to your employees. If you're on the fence about hiring an electrician for the installation of an electric charging station, then consider the following three benefits. Each one can help your employees directly and the day-to-day operations of your business.

Employee Parking Privileges

The installation of charging stations is typically done in the front of the building. Providing these spots for employees can give them access to premium parking on a daily basis. Many of the charging stations can connect and provide electricity with special apps or pin codes. This allows you to offer special spots to employees that reach performance goals or earn awards like employee of the month. If a lot of people own electric vehicles, then you can offer the spots on a rotating schedule.

Employee Work Commutes

Employees that decide to purchase or drive electric cars to work because of the installation can commute there a lot easier. For example, in California, the use of a fully electric car is allowed in carpool lanes for single drivers. By getting access to the carpool lanes, drivers can avoid a lot of traffic and travel to work easier. Other than a carpool lane, the installation of charging stations means that your employees will not have to stop for gas before or after work. This can help reduce the commute times and basic travel annoyances. Overall, this can improve the work day and help shape the positive moods coming from your workers.

Company Cars

When getting electric charging stations installed at your business, it opens up the opportunity to purchase electric company cars. Using these cars can really help with the productivity of your business. When the cars are not being used, they can be charged right at your business. This cuts out time from employees needing to stop off for gas in the vehicle. It's easy to just hop in an electric car and conduct business without the extra delays. Not only will you save a lot of time, but you can reduce the cost of money spent on fuel for these vehicles. This extra money can go back into employee earnings, bonuses, or special events like holiday parties.

Contact an electrician for more details and options when installing charging stations. You can get price estimates and do a property survey to help pick the best locations.