4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Laundry Room Areas

29 June 2016
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A home laundry room should be comfortable, organized, and easy to use on a daily basis. Many people do not like the idea of constantly doing laundry, so making it as pain-free as possible will help make the chore less of a hassle. As you design or upgrade the laundry room in your home, there are four electrical upgrades that can make the process go a lot easier. It helps when washing clothes, folding clothes, or accessing the room on a daily basis. By consulting with an electrician, you can have one or more of these upgrades installed in your home. 

Automatic Light Sensors

When entering or exiting a laundry room, you may always find your hands full. Carrying clothes or baskets can make it a pain to turn on the lights. Help conserve energy and have great lighting in your laundry room with the installation of automatic light sensors. An electrician can wire light sensors to the ceiling lights of your laundry room. They will automatically turn on when you enter the room and then turn off after a few minutes when motion is not detected.

Automated Drawers & Cabinet Doors

Another way to make it easier to put items away and carry them to locations is with the installation of automated drawers and cabinet doors. An electrician can install small automated opening sensors on these areas. When your hand goes near or gently touches the sensors, the drawers will slide open, giving you easy access to place folded clothes or linens on the inside. This is an ideal upgrade if you use your laundry room for a lot of different storage options.

Heated Floor Panels

Laundry rooms may not be as insulated as other rooms in the home. Many laundry rooms are located in basements or off a porch extension of the home. If this is the case, then you can help supply some comfort in the form of heated floor panels. Radiant floor panels will supply heat through the floor, making it comfortable to access your laundry during cold months. The panels are wired to your electrical system and can be set to a thermostat that is similar to a home heating set-up.

High Wall Outlets

As you go through loads of laundry, you may use extra accessories to make items more presentable. Easily plug in irons or steamers by having high outlets installed in the laundry room. These higher outlet installations make it easy to set up items on a small table or bench and use the accessories. You do not need to stretch cables up from the ground and can easily treat your clothes.  

As you make plans for your laundry room, contact an electrician (click here for additional info) to get price estimates and different designs to consider for the various upgrade options.