A Couple Of Common Questions About Routine Electrical Problems

27 June 2016
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Electrical issues can be a fairly common problem that homeowners will have to address. Unfortunately, there are many people that may not be fully aware of how to handle these issues. This can be particularly true of those that have only recently acquired their first homes. If electrical issues are something that you have given little thought or have minimal experience addressing, the following couple of questions and answers may help you to be a better-informed homeowner.

What Are Your Options For Preventing Damaging Power Surges?

Electrical surges can strike any home, and they can pose a serious threat to the electronic devices that are inside. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that may assume that power strips are the best option for avoiding this type of damage. However, this may not be the case as these strips will need to be placed on each outlet, and they will often only be able to withstand a single power surge before they need to be replaced.

A more permanent solution may be to install a whole-house surge suppression system. These systems will intercept any potential power surges before they enter your home's wiring. While these systems can intercept surges coming from the power grid, they may not offer protection against surges caused by lightning strikes to your home. To prevent this type of damage, you will need to install a lightning rod to help direct the energy from the bolts of lightning into the ground.

Is It Safe For Lights To Flicker Or Make Humming Sounds?

One day, you may notice that your lights are flickering or making humming sounds. This may not seem like a serious problem, but it can often indicate a loose connection. This loose connection will likely worsen as time progresses until the light stops working. Depending on the positioning of the loose connection, it may be possible for the wire to come into contact with a flammable surface, which could pose a serious fire hazard to your house.

Unfortunately, repairing a loose connection can be extremely dangerous due to the electricity that can be flowing through the wire. To help keep you safe from a potentially lethal electrical shock, you should always leave repairing this problem to a fully licensed and bonded electrician. These professionals have the tools needed to quickly ascertain the location of the loose connection, and they will be able to quickly and safely repair it. While hiring one of these professionals may seem excessive for repairing a flickering or humming light, it can be a worthwhile investment to keep you and your home safe. Contact a business, such as Dolce Electric, for more information.