On Again, Off Again? 4 Reasons Your Lights Are Inconsistent

24 June 2016
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The occasional flickering light in your home usually isn't a concern. However, if your lights begin flickering regularly, there might be an underlying reason for it. So what might be causing your lights to flicker? Here are four common reasons:

1. Loose Bulbs

One of the most common reasons for a flickering light is due to a loose bulb. If the light bulb isn't twisted into the socket all of the way, the light will usually flicker. This is because the connections aren't secured. If you think your flickering lights might be caused to loose bulbs, touch it when the light is off. If it feels loose, twist it back in to place and turn the light on. This simple maneuver should fix the problem if it is caused by a loose connection.

2. Defective Switch

Another reason your lights might be flickering is due to a defective switch. Over time, the switches in your home naturally wear out. When this occurs, the power to the light isn't sustained. You can test to see if the switch is the cause by jiggling the light switch. If the light flickers when you do this, the switch is the culprit. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to replace the switch altogether.

3. Loose Screw Terminals

The lights in your home may also begin to flicker if the screw terminals underneath your switch are loose. As you might imagine, the electrical current won't be steady if the terminals are loose—which results in a flickering light. The easiest way to test this theory is to remove the switch and look at the screw terminals. If they aren't flush, it's likely they are loose. You can fix this issue by using a screwdriver to tighten the screws.

4. Fluctuating Voltage

Finally, the lights in your home may also flicker if the voltage fluctuates. If this is the cause, it's likely that you need a professional electrical contractor. Since the voltage flows through the wires in your home, a fluctuating voltage likely means that your home needs new electrical. This is a serious issue and can be quite dangerous, so contact a professional if you believe this is the issue.

As you can see, there are many reasons your lights might flicker. While some are easy to fix yourself, others should always be handled by a professional. So if you believe your home needs electrical repair, contact an electrical contractor (like D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc.) immediately for help.